Beverage Service

Beverage Service

Use our on site liquor store to

The most common cause for “wedding-anxiety” is clearly the question: “How do I plan for the bar”? and the second most common anxiety is: “How to I budget and pay for the bar”? We have an unusual and very successful answer to both questions. This page will take you through the process one step at a time; simple and affordable.

In order allow guests the freedom to enjoy alcoholic beverages anywhere on the property, we sell our beer, wine and spirits from our own Retail Liquor store.

We are not a bar or restaurant, selling and serving by the glass (at sometimes remarkable prices). You will find our prices, compared to a bar or caterer, astonishing!

We sell by the un-opened bottle. You may enjoy your drink anywhere on the ranch, indoors or outdoors.

We understand that you have a budget so we have chosen to make beverages available to you as inexpensively as possible. When you pre-buy and pre-pay you know exactly how much you are spending.

Current Colorado Social Host Liability Laws are clear and harsh. You may not bring your own beer, wine or liquor to serve to others on to the property without a social host liability insurance certificate listing Aspen Grove as co-insured. 

An open self-serve bar is an invitation to disaster! If your alcohol is not “supervised” you have significant health risks for flatlanders and liability risks under the Colorado Social Host liquor laws!

Hiring a certified bartender or a licensed bartending caterer is simple. Nationally, these services charge anywhere from $34.50 to $52.00 per guest.

You have friends who will “take charge” of the cake, and various other parts of your event. Ask two friends to be volunteer bartenders! All of the information they will need is  in the .pdf files below.

We want you to enjoy your time here AND get home safely!

“Do-It-Yourself” using friend-volunteer bartenders, is really not very complicated and can save you a significant amount of money!

The steps are simple (Each chapter is only one page.):

Chapter 1. Getting Started & Keeping It Simple – Beer, Wine & Soda

Chapter 2. Bottled Water & Sodas

Chapter 3. The Champagne Toast

Chapter 4. A little More Complex – Adding Cocktails

Chapter 5. Purchasing your Beverages

Chapter 6. Safety & Peace of Mind (Please give to Volunteer Bartenders)

Chapter 7. Volunteer Bartenders Requirements & Duties

Current Lists of  Stock Soft Drinks, Sparkling Waters, Beers, Champagnes, Wines and Spirits are updated monthly as supplies and prices fluctuate continuously. Stock lists and prices are available from the Aspen Grove office.