What Makes Us Different

The Aspen Grove Difference…

As we studied the “wedding industry” we were shocked to learn of some of the business practices are commonly used:

  • Complexity and “choice overload” intended to confuse and stress
  • Minimum $ Sales
  • Hidden Fees & “Service Charges”
  • Staff incentives to “inflate & oversell”
  • Vendor “kick-backs & “bad mouthing” competitors

(Thank goodness we did NOT find any of these practices locally, except for one large hotel chain.)

Studying these helped us to create the mission, vision & structure of the business:

Make it Simple & Keep It Simple!

  • Create a limited number of wedding package examples for prospective clients
  • Offer custom quotes for weddings not in line with one of our packages
  • Offer options to help our clients stay within their budget
  • Present details in writing
  • Use our experience and expertise to help our clients avoid impulse buying and going over budget

Commitment to honesty & the perception of honesty

  • Mission, vision, strategies & practices will be ethically driven.
  • Transparency: No hidden fees.
  • Aspen Grove will continue STR financial practices of generosity
  • Military discounts will be offered
  • Event manger will be on salary & share the tips left by delighted customers.

Aspen Grove will have the ambiance of a romantic ecosystem of “Rural Elegance”

  • Welcoming and warm, small, flexible, carefree, fun, quiet, relaxed

With list of recommended vendors, no arbitrary restrictions on outside vendors.

  • Aspen grove will not accept referral fees (kick-backs) & bride may bring any vendor.
  • While you may elect to have us arrange equipment rentals on your behalf, we do not charge an additional fee or profit from the rental company

One of our most powerful marketing tools is the earned perception of honesty:

  • Public website catalog of prices
  • Aspen Grove’s prices will be consistent, printed, transparent, public & based on actual services.
  • Aspen Grove will consider will clearly identify all costs, including sales tax or other fees

One of our most powerful marketing tools is our reputation and perception of competence.

  • By keeping relatively small and with plan scheduling

What Makes Us Different?

We’re not in direct competition with any of our neighbors who also do casual weddings.

People sometimes ask: “What makes Aspen Grove at Sundance Trail different from other wedding and special events venues?”

Our ranch is a place of sunshine, blue sky, and breathtaking views of the surrounding hills.

For the guest, Aspen Grove is both a place and an experience:

  • Our event center is a place of scenic beauty and a taste of the old west. It offers genuine hospitality  and the amenities of modern living.
  • Our ranch is also a unique experience, an experience that can be very active, or very restful, or a bit of both.

Our guest ranch is a taste of the old west and our event center provides genuine hospitality, with a balance of privacy and personal attention:

  • The ranch and event center is a place for the city slicker to get away from the work, schedules, lines and deadlines, and be transformed into a cowboy, with his or her own horse, cowboy jeans and boots, and campfires at night.
  • Aspen Grove at Sundance Trail Ranch is informal, relaxed, and friendly, an opportunity to meet and enjoy others and make new friends.
  • Ranch staff is truly interested in caring for the guests. They lead all activities, are available to help in any way, and enjoy being with their “city cousins.”
  • The ranch gives couples and families time to catch up with themselves, to get to know themselves again, and to do fun things together and make memories.

Association Memberships:

We take pride in maintaining high standards of guest safety, cleanliness and business ethics.  We belong to:

  • the Colorado Dude and Guest Ranch Association,
  • the Dude Ranchers Association,
  • the Larimer County Horseman’s Association.

Inclusion & Diversity