What is a Micro-Wedding?

“Micro-wedding” is the new term for a small wedding; typically hosting 5 to 50 guests. This page covers our affordable Colorado rustic wedding packages, which are designed to be simple, stress-free, and intimate.

A small outdoor wedding can range from traditional-formal to barbecue-casual or anything in between!

It can have any or all of the standard trappings, customs, traditions, and accessories, or none of them.

A smaller wedding has a simplified planning process. The decor is less expensive, the menu simpler. The details take less of your valued time and energy.

Fewer guests saves you money. You can splurge where you want and skip what isn’t meaningful to you and your partner.

Fewer people means you have more quality time with each guest.

With a smaller crowd you can think outside the box. Your ceremony can be a sincere expression of your personalities and your love for each other.

Keep the traditions you like,
Skip the ones you don’t,
Or create your own!

Fewer details and freedom from over-inflated expectations and expenses means you can simply show up to enjoy your special day without having to worry over the small stuff.

At the Aspen Grove, you can host other parts of your celebration.
We are happy to be your innkeeper:
Bridal showers (with or without riding horses!)
Bachelor & bachelorette parties (with or without riding horses!)
B&B rooms for folks coming from out of own (with or without riding horses!)
Morning after brunches (with or without riding horses!)
and even your honeymoon (with or without riding horses!).

and oh, by the way, we are LGBTQ friendly. It just ain’t no big thing!